APPENDIX A: The Jewish "Waste-paper Basket"

It is a sad but significant fact that this view has been logically developed since the above words were written. It is well known that numbers of persons holding these opinions about the “Jewish” character of the instruction conveyed in the Gospels, have ceased to practice baptism “in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost,” solely on the ground that its institution in these terms is recorded only in the Gospels, substituting for it “baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus,” which, they say, is true Christian baptism according to the full Churchstanding revealed first in the Acts. Within my own personal knowledge persons have refused to accept baptism if administered in the Name of the Trinity, on the alleged ground that this would not be true Christian baptism; and I have been told that the command to go forth and baptize in that manner was only intended to apply to the labors of the Apostles before the day of Pentecost, and again, after having been suspended during the term they distinguish as the Church  period (i.e., the period extending from Pentecost to the so-called future secret rapture of the saints), to come into operation during the interval supposed to elapse between that removal of the Church and the manifestation of the Lord in glory. And, as regards the Lord’s Supper, I am personally acquainted with the case of at least one professed teacher who, with his followers, has openly abandoned that ordinance on the ground that, having been instituted in the Gospels, it is virtually a Jewish ordinance.