APPENDIX I: The "Theory" Leads away from Close Bible Study

Error is always inconsistent. It should be remembered, as a warning, that those who speak thus have formulated the theory (refuted in detail at pp. 55, 56) of the secret coming of the Lord as distinguished from His public appearing, founded upon the supposed distinction between the use of two Greek words! a distinction which (even if it were true) would be necessarily totally invisible to the ordinary reader, inasmuch as these words are not uniformly rendered by the same terms respectively, in the English version.

Nothing could be more palpably incorrect than to set the “letter” and “spirit” of Scripture in contrast. Nothing could be a greater error of exposition than to assert that 2 Corinthians 3:6 (the passage from which these terms are derived) supports, or even suggests such a view. For “the letter which killeth” is the law of Sinai, “written and engraven in stones,” and ministering death to sinful creatures“the Spirit which giveth life” is that ministration of spiritual power acting through Christ, presented in the New Covenant as “the quickening Spirit” (1 Cor. 15:45), the antitype of the brazen serpent, which brings eternal life into the souls of all who believe on His name.