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Theological Studies

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Theodosia Earnest or The Heroine of Faith

by A. C. Dayton

Table of Contents

Volume I

The Book of Testimony; The Questions Stated; Meaning of the Word Baptize as Settled by Christ Himself; Value of Lexicons; A Mother's Arguments; The Daughter's Answer.

In Which Theodosia is Assisted by Mr. Percy, the Pastor, and the School-Master; Presbyterian Authorities; Mr. Barnes; Or, Explaining Scripture by Scripture; Theodosia's Opinion of Theological Writers; More Authorities: Dr. McKnight, Dr. Chalmers, John Calvin, Prof. Stewart, John Wesley, &c.

The Testimony of the Pastor's Witnesses to Prove that, John did not Immerse at all, and that, Christ did not go down into the Water; but, was Baptized by Sprinkling on the Bank of the River.

Which Begins in the Day, and Includes, Among Other Strange Things, The Pastor's Proof that Immersion was not Practiced by the Apostles, any more that it had been by John; The Baptism of the Holy Ghost; The Baptism of the Three Thousand.

A Very Important Discussion on a Very Important Question; New Characters and Curious Arguments; The Sacred or Appropriate Use of the Word Baptize, Distinguished from the Common.

How Christ's Ordinance was Changed; Pouring First, And Sprinkling, Substituted in Place of Immersion, is Fully Examined, and Truthfully Answered, by the Sprinklers Themselves.

In which it is clearly proved; By the Scriptures Themselves and by the Testimony of the Most Learned, and Eminent Pedobaptist Ministers, that, Infant Baptism, was not, Commanded by Christ or the Apostles: Infant Baptism was not Practiced or Sanctioned by Christ or His Apostles.

Theodosia is Baptized; According to the Commandment and the Example of the Lord Jesus Christ.

New Characters and New Arguments; Infant Baptism is Virtually Forbidden in the Word of God; The Covenant of Circumcision Furnishes No Ground of Defense for infant baptism.

Of the Time and Manner in which the Baptism of Infants was Substituted by Men for the Baptism of Believers, which Christ Commanded.

Which is mainly Devoted to the Subject of “Close Communion.”

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