The New Testament Church
A Local Body


In preparing this work, there has been but one purpose in view. This has been to establish the Scriptural teaching that the New Testament Church is in nature a local assembly or institution. The first church at Jerusalem is used as an example and it is shown to have been a local assembly, and it is also shown that all other churches of the Bible were essentially the same in nature.

There are several figures of speech in the New Testament which refer to the church institution which, at a first glance, may seem to give it a universal character. But when correctly understood, these figures refer to local assemblies or a local assembly. All these figures of speech have not been discussed, but the figure of the Bride of Christ is set forth and shown to refer to a local assembly, and other figures of speech are brought in and set forth as parallel to it.

This doctrine is distinctly Baptist doctrine. It is freely admitted that most of Christendom rejects it, but it is commended to the honest investigation of every lover of Divine Truth as a Bible doctrine.

This study is prepared at the request of the Baptist Sunday School Committee of the American Baptist Association and is sent forth with a prayer that it may bless many in bringing them to a fuller and richer understanding and appreciation of the blood-bought church of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The Author, A.D. 1956