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C.D. Cole

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Lectures in Biblical Theology
of The New Testament
by C. D. Cole

Table of Contents

I. What is Biblical Theology?

II. The Structure of Revelation

III. The Baptism and Temptation of Jesus

IV. The Kingdom of God

V. The Teaching of Jesus Christ Concerning God

VI. The Teaching of Jesus Christ Concerning Man

VII. What Christ Taught Concerning Salvation

VIII. What Jesus Taught on the Subject of Prayer

IX. What Jesus Christ Taught About Himself

X. The Teaching of Jesus Christ Concerning His Death

XI. The Early Chapters of Acts

XII. Theology According to James

XIII. Petrine Theology

XIV. The Book of Hebrews

XV. Pauline Theology

XVI. Paul's Doctrine of Sin

XVII. Paul's Doctrine of Christ and His Cross

XVIII. Paul's Doctrine of Salvation

XIX. Paul's Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

XX. Johannine Theology

XXI. John's Doctrine of God

XXII. John's Doctrine of Salvation

XXIII. John's Doctrine of the Perseverance of the Saints

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