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C.D. Cole

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Definitions of Doctrine
by C. D. Cole


Table of Contents


I. The Definition of the Church

II. The Organization of the Church

III. The Name of the Church

IV. The Government of the Church

V. Church History

VI. The Doctrine of Baptism

VII. Footwashing Not a Church Ordinance

VIII. The Lord's Supper

IX. The Mission of the Church

X. The Church's Pentecost

XI. Tested in Fellowship of the Church

XII. The Early Church

XIII. The First Persecution of the Church

XIV. Despise Ye the Church of God?

XV. The Church as the Body of Christ

XVI. God's Spiritual House

XVII. The Ideal Church

XVIII. The Purpose of Church Membership

XIX. The Importance of Church Attendance

XX. Church Loyalty

XXI. Church Discipline

XXII. Salvation and Rewards

XXIII. Rewards Possible for Every Saint

XXIV. The Responsibilities of a Teacher

XXV. The Office of Deacon

XXVI. The Meaning of Baptism

XXVII. Sacramentalism and Baptism

XVIII. Baptism

XXIX. The Baptism That Saves

XXX. The Lord's Supper

XXXI. The Ministry

XXXII. Feed My Sheep

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