Why Be A Baptist?

Chapter 1: Foreword

There is nothing new in this book. Every truth contained therein can be found in the New Testament. The Lord Jesus was very fond of the Baptists. His forerunner was called by His Father "The Baptist." He himself walked sixty miles to get Baptist baptism. The only time that the three persons of the Godhead ever manifested their presence on earth at the same time was at a Baptist baptism, when the Son of God was baptized. The most intimate associates of Godís well-beloved Son were all Baptists. In selecting His companions, He chose Baptists to be with Him. The first twelve missionaries sent out by the Son of God were all Baptist preachers. He was not ashamed to call them Brethren. He organized His church out of Baptists.

He had these Baptist preachers do all His baptizing. There wasnít anybody present when He instituted His supper, except these same Baptist preachers. Not His mother or brothers and sisters according to the flesh, but three of these same Baptist preachers were chosen by Him to be near Him in every crucial experience of His life. In the language of the miners, they were His "buddies." They were a simple folk. Baptists have been a simple folk from that day until now.

They are a people of one Book. Wherever the Bible is read and obeyed, the Baptists go and glow and grow. The writer of this volume is one of the simplest of these folk. He believes the Book from cover to cover and loves to preach it. Like his Master, the common people often seem to hear him gladly. This volume contains a few of the messages, which at District Associations or Bible Institutes or Debates or at other places, these Baptist folk, the same kind the Lord loved so well while here on earth, have asked him to put in more permanent form. If the humblest of them away back in the backwoods or far out on the frontier or up in a hut on the mountain side or on the far flung battle line on some mission field, shall be helped by any thing said herein to love the Book better and obey it more perfectly; or shall be encouraged to be more loyal to our Lord and to the church which "He purchased with His own blood," the writer shall be happy.