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Dr. Robert Hawker

Dr. Robert Hawker

Union and Communion with Christ

Union and Communion with Christ was written to prepare believers for the communion service and deals with the believer's standing in Christ. Christ is the Vine and we are its branches, He is the Head and we the body. Together we form a holy Temple and are members of one with another as the Bride of Christ and the family of God. I have rarely experienced the mysterious union we have with our Lord from eternity to eternity so sublimely taught as in this gem of a book. Hawker's advice on how to be assured of the unity one enjoys in Christ is pastoral care at its very best.

Table of Contents

Lecture I: Union and Communion the Only Possible Means of Enjoying Communion with God

Lecture II: Three Tracts on the Lord’s Supper

1. The Lord’s Family the only Invited Guests at the Lord’s Table
2. The King Coming in to see the Guests at His Table
3. The King Sitting with His Guess at His table

Lecture III: A Guide to the Ordinance of the Lord’s Supper

Lecture IV: The Welcome Guest at the Lord’s Table

Lecture V: Sacramental Meditations

1. Melchisedec, Priest of the Most High God, Bringing Forth Bread and Wine

2. The Jewish Passover Typical of Christ

3. The Savor of Christ’s Person and Offering the Sole Cause of the Church’s Acceptance before God

4. Christ, the Bread of Life

5. The Bread and the Wine received by the Lord’s People in the Lord’s Supper symbolical of Communion with the Body and Blood of Christ

6. Christ calling of the Spirit to breathe on His Garden the Church His Sweet influences, and the Church in consequence thereof Inviting Christ to come into His Garden and Eat His Pleasant Fruits

7. The Spiritual Participation of the Emblems at the Lord’s Table a Decisive Testimony of a Personal Interest in the Sacrifice Itself.

8. Jesus in His Priestly Office

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