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Dr. Robert Hawker

Table of Contents
Village Sermons
Volume 1

Sermon 1:        The Servants of the Most High God Known in Showing the Way of Salvation
Sermon 2:        The Knowledge of Salvation by the Remission of Sins,
the Sure Proof of the Gospel

Sermon 3:        Jesus, the Resurrection and the Life, Occasioned by the Death of His Youngest Daughter
Sermon 4:        The Children of the Resurrection
Sermon 5:        The Combined View of the Infinite Greatness and Infinite Humbleness of Christ
Sermon 6:        The Personal Sufferings of Christ for the Salvation of His People
Sermon 7:        The Greatness of Christ’s Glory in the Work of Salvation and the Everlasting Blessedness of His Person
Sermon 8:        The Everlasting Distinction Between Nature and Grace
Sermon 9:        Jesus Touched with the Feeling of Our Infirmities
Sermon 10:      Jesus, the Eternal Life of His People
Sermon 11:      The Unsearchable Riches of Christ

Village Sermons
Volume 2

Sermon 12:      The Fellowship of the Mystery
Sermon 13:      The Lord’s People the Lord’s Portion
Sermon 14:      The Followers of God as Dear Children
Sermon 15:      The Faithful God
Sermon 16:      The Horror of Great Darkness Which Fell on Abraham
Sermon 17:      All Mourners in Zion Comforted by the Lord
Sermon 18:      The Washing of Regeneration
Sermon 19:      The Difference of Sickness Between the Renewed and the Unrenewed
Sermon 20:      The Commemoration of the First Open Display of the Holy Ghost on the Day of Pentecost
Sermon 21:      The Doctrine of the Holy Trinity, and the Sure Effects of a Spiritual Sight of Christ, the Visible Jehovah
Sermon 22:      The Iniquity of the Land of Israel Removed by the Lord on Hosts in One Day
Sermon 23:      Eternal Redemption Obtained for the Church in the Entrance of Christ Once into the Holy Place by His Own Blood
Sermon 24:      The Lord Casting up the Way of His People

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