Anthony Burgess

Espository Sermons upon the Whole 17th Chapter
of the Gospel According to St. John, or
Christ's Prayer Before his Passion Explicated
and both
Practically and Polemically Improved.


Sermon I

The necessity of adding prayer to preaching, for its good effect: shewing also what kind of cause the Word is of conversion, and what are the requisites of heavenly and spiritual prayer.

Sermon II

The transcendent excellency and efficacy of Christ’s prayer (in respect of the matter and nature thereof, as being mediatory, his person and relation, & c.), held forth as a ground of unspeakable comfort to believers.

Sermon III

Sheweth, how prevalent the prayers are that are poured out to God as a Father, and what disposition and frame of heart this compellation Father may breed in every one that doth fervently pray to God.

Sermon IV

Of God’s appointing an hour, a set time for the dispensing his mercies and judgements, in reference to particular persons, and his Church and Church’s enemies.

Sermon V

Of the nature and manifestations of that glory which Christ prayed for, and is invested with; and how comfortable it is to all his members.

Sermon VI

Of heavenly-mindedness, shewing that we should seek both earthly and heavenly blessings, chiefly for this end, viz. That God may be glorified.




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