Anthony Burgess



Anthony Burgess

Volume 1—Table of Contents

Sermon 1: How Necessary and Advantageous the Assurance of our Being in the State of Grace Is

Sermon 2: Resolving, Whether Hypocrites May Not Attain to Some Measure of Practical Knowledge in Matters of Religion?

Sermon 3: Showing the Difference between True Assurance and Presumption

Sermon 4: Handling Obedience as a Sign of Grace

Sermon 5: That Opposition Against and Abstinence from Sin is a Sign of Grace

Sermon 6: Love to the Godly is a Sign of Grace

Sermon 7: Gifts and Parts in Matters of Religion, No Sign of Grace

Sermon 8: Fully Clearing That There May be Affections and Sweet Motions of Heart in Holy Things, Which Yet Evidence Not Grace, Nor Accompany Salvation

Sermon 9: Manifesting That the Greatest Sufferings for Christ Are Not Infallible Evidences of Grace

Sermon 10: Showing that, and Whence Men Have Such Strong Persuasions of their Exact Keeping of God's Law

Sermon 11: External Obedience to the Law of God No Sure Evidence for Heaven

Sermon 12: That Every Peaceable Frame of Heart, and Persuasion of God's Love, Is Not a Sure Testimony of Saving Grace

Sermon 13: That Outward Success, Prosperity, and Greatness in the World is No True Evidence of Grace

Sermon 14: That a Man's Leaving those Gross Sins He Hath Lived in Is No Sign of Grace

Sermon 15: The Difficulty, and in Some Sense Impossibility of Salvation Notwithstanding the Easiness Which Men Fancy to Themselves Thereof

Sermon 16: Showing What the New Birth or Regeneration Is

Sermon 17: Showing How Ignorant Men of Great Learning and Outward Righteousness in the World, May Be of Regeneration

Sermon 18: The Ground of the Necessity of Regeneration is the Corruption of Men's Nature

Sermon 19: Laying Open the Counterfeits of a New Birth

Sermon 20: Showing the Necessity of the New Creature

Sermon 21: Showing the Counterfeit of the New Creature

Sermon 22: Showing the Causes of the Senselessness, Silence and Stupidity of the Consciences of Most Men

Sermon 23: To Undeceive Men that Think, Though They Live Wickedly, Yet They Shall Die Happily: And How it Comes to Pass that Men Are so Prone to Deceive Themselves

Sermon 24: That Ungodly Friends and Relations are Great Hindrances of One's Conversion, With Some Helps or Directions to Those that are Thereby Kept in their Sins

Sermon 25: That Conversion Puts a Man Upon Leaving His Beloved Sin; The Reason of the Difference of Darling Sins in Men, and the Signs by Which a Man May Know His Beloved Sin

Sermon 26: Showeth That All Persons Have Need to Turn unto God, and Sets Forth the True Acceptable Motive to Repentance

Sermon 27: Of Turning Not Only from Sin, But to God; And How Many Ways Men May Do the Former, and Not the Latter; Also, What it is to Turn to God

Sermon 28: That Our Turning to God Must Be with the Whole Heart; Wherein Hearty Conversion Consists, With the Effects of It

Sermon 29: That Most of Those that Are Called, Come Short of What is Absolutely Necessary; And Who They Be

Sermon 30: A Plea for Strictness in Religion

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