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How much this title implies, no tongue, human or angelic, can ever express; no mind conceive. It is a volume of an infinite number of leaves, and every leaf full of meaning. It will be read by saints and angels, through the ages of eternity, but they will never reach the last leaf, nor fully comprehend the meaning of a single page.

Look back to the time when God existed independent and alone; when there was nothing but God; no heavens, no earth, no angels, no men. How wretched should we, how wretched would any creature be, in such a situation! But Jehovah was then infinitely happy—happy beyond all possibility of increase. He is an overflowing fountain, a bottomless and shoreless ocean, of being, perfection, and happiness; and when this infinite ocean overflows, suns and worlds, angels and men, start into existence.

I would ask you to pause and contemplate, for a moment, this wonderful Being. But where shall we stand to take a view of him? When we wish to contemplate the ocean, we take our stand upon its shore. But this infinite ocean of being and perfection has no shore. There is no place where we can stand to look at him, for he is in us, around us, above us, below us. Yet, in another sense, there is no place where we may not look at him, for he is everywhere. We see nothing which he has not made, no motion which he does not cause; for he is all, and in all; and above all, God over all, blessed forever. Even he himself cannot tell us fully what he is, for our minds cannot take it in. He can only say to us, I am that I am. I am Jehovah.

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