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How Can Creatures Glorify God?

If it be asked how creatures so feeble and ungrateful as we are, can glorify God, I answer, by conducting in such a manner as naturally tends to make him appear glorious, amiable and excellent in the view of his creatures. A son, for instance, honors his parents, when he evidently loves, reverences, confides in, and obeys them; because such conduct tends to make those who know him think favorably of his parents. A subject honors his sovereign when he cheerfully submits to his authority, and appears to be contented and happy in his government; because this tends to give others a favorable opinion of his sovereign. So men honor and glorify God, when they show by their conduct that they consider him the most perfect and best of beings, and love, reverence and confide in him as such; for these things naturally tend to excite a high estimation of God, in the minds of their fellow creatures.

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