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All Men The Subject of Christ

The subjects of Christ’s mediatorial kingdom are divided into two grand classes—those who are obedient, and those who are rebellious. The former class is composed of good men and angels, the latter of wicked men and devils. The former serves Christ willingly and cheerfully. He rules them with the golden sceptre of love; his law is written in their hearts; they esteem his yoke easy and his burden light, and habitually execute his will. All the bright armies of heaven, angels and archangels, who excel in strength, are his servants, and go forth at his command; as messengers of love, to minister to the heirs of salvation, or as messengers of wrath to execute vengeance on his enemies. Nor are his obedient subjects to be found only in heaven. In this world, also, the standard of the cross, the banner of his love, is erected, and thousands and millions, who were once his enemies, have been brought willing captives to his feet, have joyfully acknowledged him as their Master and Lord, and sworn allegiance to him as the Author of their salvation. Nor is his authority less absolute over the second class of his subjects; who still persist in their rebellion. In vain do they say, We will not have this man to reign over us. He rules them with a rod of iron, causes even their wrath to praise him, and makes them the involuntary instruments of carrying on his great designs. He holds all the infernal spirits in a chain, governs the conquerors, monarchs and great ones of tile earth, and in all things wherein they deal proudly, he is still above them. In one or the other of these ways, all must serve Christ. Is it not better to serve him willingly, and be rewarded, than to serve him reluctantly, and be destroyed?

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