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Selected Thoughts

To The Impenitent

My friends, God offers you the water of life, without money and without price. Every one may come and take it if he will; and is not this sufficient? Would you have the water of life forced upon you? What is it that you wish? My friends, I will tell you what you wish. You wish to live as you please here, to disobey your Creator, to neglect your Saviour, to fulfill the desires of the flesh and of the mind; and at death to be ad­mitted into a kind of sensual paradise, where you may taste again the same pleasures which you enjoyed on earth. You wish that God should break his word, stain his justice, purity and truth, and sacrifice the honor of his law, his own rightful authority, and the best interests of the universe, to the gratifi­cation of your own sinful propensities.

Look back to those who have passed the great change through which we must all pass. Think of the patriarchs who died before the flood. They have been perfectly happy for more than four thousand years; yet their happiness has but just commenced. Think of the sinners who died before the flood. For more than four thousand years they have been completely wretched, and yet their misery is but begun. So there will be a time when you will have been happy or miserable four thou­sand years, and for four times four thousand years, and yet your heaven or your hell will even then be but beginning.

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