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Selected Thoughts

God Angry With Sinners

“God is angry with the wicked every day.” Do you ask why he is angry? I answer, He is angry to see rational, im­mortal, and accountable beings, spending twenty, forty, or sixty years in trifling and sin; serving divers idols, lusts and vanities, and living as if death were an eternal sleep. He is angry to see you forgetting your Maker in childhood, in youth, in man­hood, making no returns for all his benefits, casting off his fear, and restraining prayer, and rebelling against him who has nourished and brought you up as children. He is angry to see you laying up treasures on earth, and not in heaven; seeking every thing in preference to the one thing needful; loving the praise of men more than the praise of God; and fearing those who can only kill the body, more than him who hath power to cast both soul and body into hell. He is angry to see that you disregard alike his threatenings and his promises; his judg­ments and his mercies; that you bury in the earth the talents he has given you, and bring forth no fruit to his glory; that you neglect his word, his spirit and his law, and perish in im­penitency and unbelief, notwithstanding all the means employ­ed for your conversion. He is angry to see you come before him as his people, and worship him with your lips, while your thoughts are perhaps wandering to the ends of the earth. He is angry to see you trusting in your own wisdom, strength and righteousness for salvation, instead of placing your dependence on Christ, the only name by which you can possibly be saved. These are sins of which every person, in an unconverted state, is guilty; and for these things God is angry, daily angry, great­ly and justly angry; and unless his anger be speedily appeased, it will most certainly prove your destruction.

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