Edward Payson Archive

Selected Thoughts

Folly of Rejecting the Gospel

Shall we listen to men when God speaks? Shall blind and ignorant worms of the dust pretend to know what God will do, better than he who was from eternity in the bosom of the Father? Hast thou, 0 man, whosoever thou art, that pretendest that the words of Christ are unreasonable, or improbable, or false, hast thou ascended into heaven, or descended into hell? Hast thou measured eternity and grasped infinity? Hast thou by search­ing found out God? Hast thou found out the Almighty unto perfection? Canst thou tell me more of him than can the Son of his love, in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge? Does the dim taper of thy darkened reason shine brighter than the glorious Sun of righteousness? And are those to be branded as fools and madmen, who choose to walk in his light, rather than to be led by a mere ignis fatims? No; till you can bring us a teacher superior to Christ, who is the wisdom of God; till you can show us a man who has weighed the mountains in the hollow of his hand, and meted out heaven with a span; who has lived in heaven from eternity; and can prove that he knows more than Omniscience, — we will, we must cleave to Christ. Here is a rock. All is sea besides. Nor shall the unbelief of sinners make the faith of God without effect; for, if we believe not, he remains faithful; he cannot deny himself.

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