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Saint’s Armor

The armor with which Satan furnishes his followers, is di­rectly the reverse of that Christian armor described by the apostle Paul. Instead of a girdle of truth, he girds the sinner with the girdle of error and deceit. Instead of the breastplate of Christ’s righteousness, he furnishes him with a breastplate of his own fancied righteousness. Instead of the shield of faith, the sinner has the shield of unbelief; and with this he defends himself against the curses of the law, and the arrows of con­viction. Instead of the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God, he teaches them to wield the sword of a tongue set on fire of hell, and furnishes them with a magazine of cavils, ex­cuses, and objections, with which they attack religion, and defend themselves. He also builds for them many refuges of lies, in which, as in a strong castle, they proudly hope to shelter themselves from the wrath of God.

The false peace and security in which sinners indulge, instead of proving their safety, is only a further evidence of their dan­ger. It proves that the strong man armed is not disturbed in his possessions, but that he keeps them in peace.

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