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Sinner’s Unwillingness to Go To Christ

The sinner tries every place of refuge before he will enter the ark of safety. He is like a person exposed to the storm and tempest, for whom a place of safety is provided, which he is unwilling to enter. He flies from one place of fancied security to take refuge in another. The storm increases; one hiding-place after another is swept away, till, at length, exposed, with­out a shelter, to the raging storm, he is glad to flee to the refuge provided for him.

Suppose an apparently strong and healthy man should apply to you for relief, and, when asked why he did not labor for his subsistence, should reply, Because I can find no one to employ me. If you wished to know whether this or indolence were the true reason, you would offer him employment; and if he then refused to labor, you would feel satisfied that he was sloth­ful and undeserving of your charity. So, when God puts into the hands of sinners a price to get wisdom, and they do not improve it, it becomes evident that they do not wish, that they are not willing, to become religious.

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