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Selected Thoughts

The Convinced Sinner Believing in Christ

When a convinced, guilty sinner, who feels condemned by the law of God and his own conscience, and fears the sentence of eternal condemnation from the mouth of his Judge hereafter, hears and believes the glad tidings of salvation, they cause hope in the mercy of God to spring up in his anxious, troubled breast. He says to himself; I am a miserable, guilty creature. I have rebelled against my Creator, broken his law, and thus exposed myself to its dreadful curse. How, then, can I escape from this curse, which threatens to plunge me in eternal ruin? Can I call back the idle words I have uttered, the sinful desires I have indulged, the wicked actions I have committed, the time I have wasted, the precious privileges and opportunities I have misim­proved? No. Can I wash away the guilt of these sins from my troubled conscience, or blot out the black catalogue of them which is written in the book of God’s remembrance? No. Can I make any satisfaction or atonement for them, to appease my justly-offended God? No. Even should I be perfectly obedi­ent in future, still this will not blot out my past sins. Besides, I find that I daily commit new sins; so that, instead of dimin­ishing, I increase my guilt. What, then, can I do? Where can I turn? On what can I build any hope of mercy? Why should God pardon me, and give me heaven, when I have done, and still do nothing but provoke him! What can I, what must I do to be saved? The gospel indeed says, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved. It tells me that though my sins be of a crimson color and scarlet dye, yet if I forsake them, and turn unto the Lord, he will abundantly pardon. Why should not I believe in Christ, as well as others? His blood cleanseth from all sin. But perhaps I am too great a sinner to be saved. Yet the gospel assures me that Christ came to save the chief of sinners. Why, then, should I doubt? Why should I not believe? I must, I will, I can, I do believe; Lord, help  thou mine unbelief.

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