Edward Payson Archive

Selected Thoughts

Motives To Repentance LUKE 15:10 (sic).

God now commandeth all men, every where, to repent [Acts 17:30]. I lay this command across your path: you cannot proceed one step farther in a sinful course without treading it under foot. You are urged to the immediate performance of this duty by a re­gard to your own interest; for except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. You are urged to it by all the blessed angels, who are waiting with a desire to rejoice in your conversion. Above all, you are most powerfully urged to it by the blessed Redeemer, whom you are under the strongest possible obliga­tions to love and obey. He has done and suffered much for you. For you he has toiled, bled and died. For you he cheerfully endured the scoffs and cruelties of men; the rage and malice of devils; and the overwhelming weight of his Father’s wrath. In return for all this, he asks of you one small favor. He merely requests you to repent and be happy. If you com­ply with his request, he will see of the travail of his soul, and be satisfied. O, then, be persuaded to give joy to God, to his Son, and to the holy angels; to make this day a festival in heaven, by repenting. Even now, your heavenly Father is waiting for your return, and the Redeemer stands ready with expanded arms to receive you. Even now the white robes and the ring are provided, and the fatted calf is made ready to feast returning prodigals. Even now, angels and archangels are ready to pour forth their most joyful songs to celebrate your return. Will you, then, by persisting in impenitence, seal up their lips? Will you say, There shall be no joy in heaven, this day, on your account? God shall not be glorified, Christ shall not be gratified, angels shall not rejoice, if we can prevent it? If there be any whose feelings and conduct this is the lan­guage, I solemnly, but reluctantly declare unto you, in the name of Jehovah, that God and his Son shall be glorified, and there shall be joy over you in heaven, notwithstanding all your endeavors to prevent it. Never shall any of his creatures rob God of his glory; and, if you will not consent that his grace shall be glorified in your salvation, he will be compelled to glo­rify his justice, in your everlasting destruction. If you will not allow the inhabitants of heaven to rejoice in your repent­ance, their love of justice, truth and holiness will constrain them to rejoice in your condemnation, and to sing alleluia, while the smoke of your torment ascendeth up forever and ever.


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