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Selected Thoughts

Duty of Living to the Glory of God

We were created and redeemed for the sole purpose of praising and glorifying our Creator; and if we refuse or neglect to do this, we transgress the great law of creation, frustrate the end of existence, leave unperformed the work for which we were made, and do all in our power to prove that we were created in vain; and to cause God to repent of having made us. Should the sun refuse to shine: should the showers refuse to descend; should the earth refuse to bring forth food; or should trees in a fruitful soil continue barren—would you not say that it was contrary to nature and to the design of their creation; and that since they no lodger fulfilled this design, they might properly be reduced to nothing again? And do you not see that while you refuse to praise God, your conduct is equally unnatural, and that you may justly be made the monuments of his everlasting displeasure ? What would only be unnatural in inanimate creatures, is the height of folly and wickedness in us; because we are capable of knowing our duty, and are under innumerable obligations to practice it. Let the sun then refuse to shine, the showers to descend, and the earth to be fruitful; but let not rational creatures refuse to praise their Creator, since it is the purpose for which they were created.


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