Part 4
Chapter 1—Of Predestination

Section 14—Cyrillus Hierosol Ymitanus. A.D. 370.

Cyril, bishop of Jerusalem, died A.D. 386.[1] There is but little to be collected out of his writings concerning predestination and election. He signifies, that there are some who are elect, distinct from others, when he says,[2] that "the elect may not be mixed together, with enemies, he (Christ) will send his angels with a great trumpet, and they shall gather his elect from the four winds:he did not despise one Lot,should he despise many righteous? Come ye blessed of my Father,will he say to them who shall then be carried in the chariots of clouds, and shall be gathered by the angels." And in another place,[3] he says, "the Holy Spirit is the greatest power, it is something divine and unsearchable; for it lives and is rational, sanctifying through Christ, ton upo Theou gegrammenon a patnon,all those who are written by God;" that is, in the book of life, or are chosen by God; which agrees with our doctrine, that all those who are chosen by the Father, and are redeemed by the Son, are sanctified by the Spirit.


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