Part 4
Chapter 5—Of Perseverance

Section 1—Clemens Romanus. A.D. 69.

Clement of Rome gives plain hints of the firmness of true faith, and the perseverance of the saints in it to the end. When addressing the members of the church at Corinth, he says?[1] “Who has dwelt among you, that has not had an experience of, or proved, ten panareton kai bebaian umon  pistin, your all-powerful, and firm or stable faith?” He also observes,[2] that “whereas it is the will of God, that all whom he loves should partake of repentance, and so not perish with the unbelieving and impenitent, esterizen to pantokratoriko boulemati autou, ‘he has established it by his almighty will.' But if any of those whom God wills should partake of the grace of repentance, should afterwards perish, where is his almighty will? And how is this matter settled and established by such a will of his?”


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