Part 4
Chapter 5—Of Perseverance

Section 2—Barnabas. A.D. 70.

Barnabas, an apostolic man, bears testimony to the doctrine of the saints' final perseverance: when he says,[1] that “he that hopes in Christ, sterean petran, ‘the firm and solid rock,' shall live for ever;” which he afterwards repeats in answer to a question, why the wool and the wood were used in the legal ceremonies: “Because,” says he,[2] the kingdom of Jesus depends upon the tree (he means the cross,) wherefore they that hope in him shall live for ever.” And in another place, he cites[3] the following words as a passage of Scripture, And there was a river drawing, or running, on the right hand, and out of it sprung up beautiful trees, and whosoever eats of them shall live for ever; upon which he observes, that “this he says because we go down into the water (meaning in baptism) full of sins and filth, and we come up out of it bringing forth fruit; having in the heart fear and hope in Jesus through the Spirit, ‘and whosoever eats of these shall live for ever;' this he says, that whosoever hears the things that are said, kai pisteuse, and believes, shall live for ever.”


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