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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will you translate your site into my language?
A. No. You are more than welcome to translate any of our materials for your own personal use but because our site changes daily, we do not translate anything ourselves or use the services of a translator.

Q. I'm a missionary and need (Bibles, books, CD's, DVD's, tracts, etc.) for my Sunday School class. Can you send us some?
A. No. We do not stock any publications. Our ministry is solely a Web based one.

Q. Does PBM have print books in stock?
A. No, we do not have a supply of print books. We do have links to books on Amazon for your convenience.

Q. I can't find my favorite author in your ebook downloads. Why?
A. At this time we have mostly books by A. W. Pink in our ebook section. It takes about a day for each book to be converted so we apologize for the slow process.

Q. Can I link to your site?
A. Yes, you can link to any site on the Web and you don't need permission to do it.

Q. I found a page with an error on it. Can you fix it?
A. If you use the error reporting page to report your errors, we will do our best to fix the issue. By using this form, your request won't get lost in the SPAM folder and will be routed to the right person.

Q. Is PBM supported by a particular church?
A. No, PBM is not supported or funded by any church. PBM is an independent Web based ministry. Presently, the site is run and administered by Ron Cook and Julie Posey and is a non-funded ministry. Click here to read more about us.


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